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Equipment serviced

  Treadmill (Inspect all functions including display keys, elevation, walking belt tension, motor drive belt tension, walking deck for lubrication and possible deep grooves.) Repairs include walking belt, and deck flipping or replacement, drive motor re-building, elevation motor rebuilding, walking belt roller replacement front and rear, motor control board re-building or replacement, filter network re-building or replacement, console (display) re-building or replacement, rpm sensor replacement, diagnosis of all error codes and any functionality problems. All service and repairs include lubrication of elevation motor, walking belt and pivot points, vaccuming inside and under treadmill to extend the life of your treadmill.

  Ellipticals (Inspection of elevation and deck, cleaning of rolling surface and inspection of roller wheels for flat spots or un even wear, tightness is checked on arms, legs and frame it self.) Repairs include motor control board re-build or replacement, resistor and or generator replacement, alternator re-build or replacement, deck replacement or deck inserts if applicable, grip replacement, heart rate replacement, arm and leg replacement if cracked or bent, crankshaft bearings replaced, and all belts replaced as needed before they break!

  Recumbent bikes (Inspection of pedal tightness, seat post tightness, seat height adjustment knob functionality, belt for cracks, fraying or wear. Full resistance and display functionality tests.) Repairs include generator replacement, crank arm replacement, crank bearing replacement, belt replacement , handle bar grip replacement, intermediate shaft replacement, control board replacement and re-build if applicable.

  Stair steppers (Inspection includes chain lubrication, step warping (twisting) chains working in harmony, no power to stairs, display functionality, transmission wear/noise.) Repairs include stair replacement, axle replacement, transmission chain replacement, step chain replacement, step shaft replacement, step shaft bearing replacement, display re-build or replacement as needed, control board replacement and re-build if applicable.

  Climbers (Inspection includes oil leak detection, chain grime build-up, frame tightness, functionality of arm and leg posts) Repairs include bent frame support replacement, hydraulic pump replacement and re-build, brushing and lubing of chain to promote smooth operation.

  Rowers (Inspection include chain and seat sliding freely, inspection of noises) Repairs include seat slidier and seat replacement, pull chain replacement and lubrication, console battery replacement, refresh water tanks as needed.

  Multi-gyms (Inspection of frame tightness, weight stacks broken, bent weight stack slides, frayed weight cables) Repairs include weight stack replacement, weight stack slides replaced, weight cables repaired, pulleys repaired and pivot points lubed as needed.

  Virtual exercise equipment (Inspection includes functionality of all operations, cable connections tight and seats, gloves, sensors in place) Repairs include display re-build and replacement, controller replacement, seating or standing area replaced if worn or cracked, control boards replaced as needed or re-built, calibration completed if neccessary.

  Pneumatic machines (Air powered) (Inspection of air lines, compressor, display operation and pedal operation.) Repairs include compressor re-build, compressor re-location, air line repair, air up or down buttons replaced, display re-built or replaced as needed.

  Spin Bikes (Inspection includes seat post adjustment functionality, handle bars tightness, pedal tightness, belt or chain tension, frame tightness.) Repairs include pedal replacement, crank arm and bearing replacement, brake pad replacement and lubrication, handlebar grip replacement, and front wheel replacement as needed.

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